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The Chimes – Now Available to Download

We had great fun doing our version of Charles Dickens’ The Chimes in December last year. If you missed it, The Chimes is a heart warming story with the usual social commentary of Dickens. After the wonderful news of his daughter’s engagement, Trotty Veck begins to see terrible things happening in the world around him. Disgusted with how terrible everyone is, he begins to blame his fellow poor. Then, after plunging from the church’s bell tower, Trotty is visited by the goblins of the bells who begin to teach him just how hard circumstances lead good people into worse decisions.

Our production was a livestreamed version of our stageplay. The recording of the event gives the same experience you would’ve got at our stream in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you. Grab your copy for just £4.99 over on our Ko-Fi shop: