Shakespeare Social

We actors would all love a chance to perform in a Shakespeare play, but we don’t always get the chance. So Martin decided that a very popular director had the right idea. Get a group of actors together in a social setting and read Shakespeare plays aloud. That’s exactly what the Shakespeare social is. A group of actors getting together to grab a drink, a few snacks and enjoy each other’s company whilst reading some of the best plays ever written together.

If that’s got you interested and you are a professional actor or director and would like to attend the Shakespeare Socials then all you need to do is drop Martin an e-mail and he’ll be in touch. For the purposes of the social we define professional as anyone who is either training in a performing arts course, is a member of Equity or has had at least one paying role in Theatre, TV or Film.

Each social will begin with a short mixer/introductions period. We’ll then grab our scripts and will draw roles out of a hat. Whatever role you choose from the hat is the role you get to read. In the event that we have too few people we might all have to read more than one role and in the event that there are too many people we’ll give priority to people who’ve never had the chance to read at a social before. Everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the reading of course. No one will ever be turned away and if people are happy we could even have roles split between two people. We’ll work it out!

Our first social will be on October the 23rd at 2pm at Melrose Hall in Hoylake. There will be teas, coffees and a few snacks, but if you’d like to bring your own drinks/snacks for yourself or to share that’d be great. If you’re interested in coming please do let us know by grabbing a free ticket on Eventbrite.