Performance Opportunity! [Filled]

we now have our performers for this show. Please check back to the website for future castings though.


Shakespeare 400 is an event, produced by the Off Book and the Festival of Firsts 2016. The show is collection of scenes, soliloquies and monologues from Shakespeare’s work, combined with a bit of audience interactivity and participation. We’re looking for three actors to join us for the performance.

The Show

20th July 2016 – 19:30 – Melrose Hall, Hoylake

Based on Off Book’s Bite Size Bard events, this performance will be a showcase of audience and actor favourites. We will be presenting ten monologues and four scenes. Each actor will be asked to perform in at least two scenes and prepare two monologues. There will be two acts of roughly 45-50 minutes each with a brief interval between. Traditionally, Bite Size Bard has focussed on the words of Shakespeare over anything else so lighting, sound effects and set will be minimal.

Each actor will be asked to prepare their monologues themselves so it is critical that the actors who perform with us can direct themselves. Unlike previous shows, we will have a collection of props and costume pieces that actors may choose from to enhance the scenes or monologues. We will be providing a full list of the items we have to actors so that they have an idea of what they might choose from.

For the scenes, we have already chosen the four scenes and actors will be asked to learn their lines for these scenes for the performance. There will be a pre-show rehearsal opportunity as well as a full run through of scenes, so if any direction is needed it can be put together then. For this reason, actors would have to be comfortable working quickly to put a scene together.


The Festival of Firsts are working to a limited budget and as such we don’t have any initial funding for the show. We are therefore offering this as a profit share. Tickets will be costing £5 to audience members and £1 per ticket will be going to each of the four actors, with the final £1 per ticket going to the Festival for next year. However, Off Book is willing to guarantee a minimum of £22.50 per actor from our funds. This equates to three hours at £7.50 per hour (one and a half hours performance time and one and a half hours of rehearsal). Our target is to sell a minimum of 24 tickets, which would bring in a total of £120 meaning a share of £30 (four hours pay at £7.50) per actor.

Apply to take part

If you are interested acting in their show we ask that you contact Martin Williams by e-mail: with a copy of your acting CV. We’ll arrange auditions for actors who have not worked with Off Book before. If you have worked with, or auditioned for Off Book previously, we’re happy to consider you based on your previous auditions/performances. We are also happy to accept video auditions.