Seven Years!

It’s been Seven years since we started rehearsing the first show that would see Off Book founded. In 2012 we were created by friends and colleagues Fiona Angwin, Ian Nenna, Dan Jeffery and Martin Williams. In that time we’ve produced a lot of different shows. We thought that was worth celebrating. So here’s some photos of the many, many talented people we’ve worked with who have helped make Off Book a success.

Closing the Curtain

After six years and almost twenty shows, we’re closing the curtain on the company. We’re not yet sure if we’ll be back or not, but we do need time to rest, recharge and decide if we wish to continue with theatre.

We have always striven to ensure that we pay those who work with us fairly. Sadly, with audiences largely unwilling to pay economical costs for ticket prices, and competition from companies who pay actors less than minimum wage, we cannot continue.

If we ever manage to secure funding, we shall return, but otherwise thank you for all the memories. Thanks for your support.

It’s been a blast!