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In Other Worlds

Our latest venture into the world of streaming. We’ll be creating a show where performers create characters to play in different tabletop role playing games (TTRPGs). So, if you’ve ever fancied becoming a sorcerer in the magic world of Dungeons and Dragons, a hardened criminal in Blades in the Dark, a super-powered crimefighter in FATE , or a starship captain in Starfinder this might just be the project for you. This is our first foray into streaming games, but the producer of the series has been a Game Master for several different campaigns.

You don’t have to have any experience of playing a TTRPG to take part in this project, just a love of storytelling, improv and playing a character. As this is a stream there are a few things you will need though:

  • Good quality webcam – 720 resolution required, 1080 resolution preferred.
  • Headphones/Earbuds and Microphone – preferably not an internal laptop microphone.
  • Stable internet connection – With at least 4Mbps upload speed (check you speed here)

The show will be pre-recorded in three hour sessions with the goal of creating two episodes from each session. Each game will feature four sessions and would be a filming block of one session a week for six weeks. A sample filming schedule would be:

  • Tuesday 28th between 4pm and 7:30pm – Intro and training session
  • Tuesday 2nd between 4pm and 7:30pm – Game Session 1 [Recording Eps 1 & 2]
  • Tuesday 9th between 4pm and 7:30pm – Game Session 2 [Recording Eps 3 & 4]
  • Tuesday 16th between 4pm and 7:30pm – Game Session 3 [Recording Eps 5 & 6]
  • Tuesday 23rd between 4pm and 7:30pm – Game Session 4 [Recording Eps 7 & 8]
  • Tuesday 30th between 4pm and 7:30pm – Debrief, prep and scheduling for the next filming block.

In the short term this is an unpaid venture, but we are seeking sponsors and any monies raised would be shared equally between the the three performers, game master, and producer. So whilst no profit is guaranteed, each participant would receive a 20% share of profits raised.

To get involved in our show you can either e-mail us or complete the form below.