A lot of the work that Off Book does is for the benefit of schools. So far we’ve done shows in schools for as long as we’ve been active and our actors all have experience within schools. It is because of our experience and our passion for work in schools that we continue to offer shows, and workshops to schools.

All of our workshops are available to book immediately by contacting Martin by e-mail or by phone: 07751 324896

Shakespeare Workshops

Our Shakespeare workshops have all been designed to show that Shakespeare needn’t be boring, dull or arduous. Instead we want to show students a glimpse of the bright, vibrant characters which Shakespeare created and which have helped to make his play so very popular. We want students to be able to relate to the stories, the characters and the beauty of the text, so we’ve put together a few different workshops. You can read about them here.

Acting & Character Workshops

Is your school putting on a show? We can help! Our acting and character workshops are designed to help students to understand a bit more about acting and to help dispel any fears that they might have. Two actors can attend a session at your school to help the students in a few different ways. You can read more about our acting workshops here.

Writing Workshops

Off Book has been built on our adaptations and new pieces of writing. Among our number is a wide range of experience in writing. Our writing workshops have been built to help older students understand just how a play is planned, written and even produced. We’ll take your students through a process that looks at adaptation, original ideas and storytelling. You can read more about our writing workshop here.