A bit about the public readings.

Some of you may know that Charles Dickens did a series of readings of his work. In fact, he did a lot of reading. In all it was around 4 UK and 1 US tour of readings. These included many of the most well known scenes from his work. After a few readings, using a lectern or music stand, or anything handy in the venues he comissioned a reading desk. It actually allow the audience to see the majority of his body and still have somewhere to keep his prompt scripts. The picture we found shows Dickens at his reading desk. We’ve built our own for the show!

The readings that Dickens did, features quite heavily in our show. Indeed we’ve picked some moments that are largely based on what we could research about the readings. In particular, Sykes and Nancy. Possibly the most famous of readings it was known that Dickens would pass out following the rather tiring reading. The descriptions that we’ve researched include contemporary accounts that suggest that Dickens didn’t just reading but performed, with great gusto, the scenes. This is particularly true of Sykes and Nancy, during the reading he would act out the scene and provide a different voice for Sykes, Nancy and Fagin. What with us each playing several characters we’ve not got just one person playing all three characters. We’re all taking a part. Which, is actually a lot fun. See if you can guess who is who from the photos below!

In Rehearsal – Martin Nelson and Ian Nenna
In Rehearsal – Fiona Angwin and Ian Nenna

Well that’s about it for now…the information that I’ve shared really is more about having an excuse to show you some photos from our rehearsals though!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see some of you coming to see us on the 3rd of July.

Martin Nelson