Don’t Touch That Dial – 2016

After the success of Don’t Touch That Dial at the festival of firsts, we’re bringing our sketch comedy show to Liverpool’s own Camp and Furnace.

Don't Touch That Dial

Come and Join us!

It’s a radio sketch comedy show, but live on the stage, but like it’s on the radio!

Off Book presents it’s four person sketch comedy show. Grab a drink take a seat and relax like your listening to the radio…only the actors will be right in front of you performing. It’s a novel concept and one that has been enjoyed by only a few audiences so far.
Visit the restaurant where no-one has ever died; join infamous spies just trying to take a holiday; and witness the audition of that guy from the Crillit Boom adverts.

So start you weekend with a great laugh and a brilliant night out.

Cast & Crew

Written by: Ian Nenna

Rehearsal & Production Photos