The Great Victorian Dinosaur Hunt – 2016

Off Book are offering an exciting promenade performance for your outdoor venue for this summer, 2016. The production is suitable for families with primary aged children, and the audience follow their guide around local woodlands and outdoor with stops along the way to let the story unfold. The Great Victorian Dinosaur Hunt was available from mid-July 20016 until the middle of August 2016.

2 Starting the expidition

Dinosaur Hunt Cast – 2016

Starting from an argument about Madam Abercrombie’s remarkable Cabinet of Curiosities, the trio set off to search for dinosaurs (and prove each other wrong!). Their journey takes them, and the audience, to a mysterious lost valley, encountering various wild animals and dinosaurs along the way. The audience will get the chance to learn a little about the creatures they see, as well as having fun. The creatures which they see will all be puppets…..very realistic puppets!

Production and Rehearsal Photos